Why DigNous?

The DigNous is the digital innovation leader, which is capable to reshape & redefine the rules for the businesses that can differentiate any industry/sector in competitive market. DigNous is fully committed to work on Sustainable Development Goals SDGs to make planet healthier & safer for life, digital transformation can help & innovate current procedures to fight against climate change, environmental issues, agriculture, food security, Clean water, Clean Air, Clean Energy.

DigNous is driving innovation to digitally transform businesses for Smart functional strategies, that can do innovations on invisible spectrum of business, identify significant gaps of industries, fulfill those gaps through business process re-engineering or innovations.

Highly motivated and innovative team, with very strong technical and practical background on various industrial sectors, the power and expertise in sensing, automation, Big-Data, Blockchain, & Artificial Intelligence to give real business insights by data extraction & data analytics..

DigNous Digital Disruption Sectors

DigNous is aiming and working in various sectors, Its arming to different enterprises within their departments, many other sectors have huge gaps, due to different technical areas, DigNous is bridging IT services through Internet Of Thigns on many sectors.


Developing countries are facing challenges in energy sector & resulting in heavy losses in transmission & distribution networks and increased electricity rates due to these loses. DigNous has vital contribution in utility and energy sectors, unconnected components of Smart Girds, distribution, transmissions, generations and metering are real powered by Internet of Things with very cost effective, user friendly, health & safety based solution.


DigNous team is also working in this sector as well, many gaps are explored and being filled with power of IoT.


There are unlimited opportunities in retail sectors, which can be reshaped and redefined with power of Internet of Things, from primary to secondary sale, distributions, warehousing and manufacturing areas are being focused by DigNous team.


There will be 9.8 billion peoples in 2050 on this planet and world has real threat of food security, where agriculture has to fulfill requirements of all population food. DigNous believes that technology can really help world to fulfill their requirement, where 4th Industrial revolution will digital disrupt agriculture sector, so DigNous is working on innovative solutions to transform agriculture industry to find and fill the gaps of agriculture sector, through agriculture industry people can dramatically reduce their risk/expenses and grow their production and profitability.


DigNous counts its strength with Smart City projects, smartness is being focused in water, energy and transport management, security surveillance and access controlled is being powered by IoT.

Our Solutions

The digital disruption has already happened with some multi-billion dollars solutions, like;

DigNous Poultry Industry Solutions

DigNous is going to disrupt poultry industry through digital transformation, by solving several problems of poultry and agriculture peoples. The solution will help various sectors in poultry industry;

Smart Hatchery Monitoring System
Poultry Environment Monitoring System
Vaccination Monitoring System

Poultry Farm Management System

Poultry Bio-Surveillance System


DigNous is also working aggressively on this sector, it has highly efficient solution for Oil at rest, Oil in motion and Oil in manipulation. It will give complete visibility of oil inventory from Bulk Tankers to Tankers on road.

  • Plant monitoring and management
  • Plant automation without replacing existing machinery
  • Oil Level Management
  • Bulk Storage of Oil, Gas, Liquid
  • Stop / Start of the Truck
  • Pipe leakage detection
  • Uploading & Downloading of Oil in a tanker
  • Oil Temperature
  • Rain Monitoring
  • Oil Theft & Leakage (Tank/Pipe)
  • Real-time Oil tracking in Storage and on Road
  • Real-Time notifications in email/SMS on abnormal condition

Agriculture Environment Monitoring System

In 2020, world population will grow up to 9+ billion peoples, so it’s challenging to meet the consumption of their food, there is innovation of urban agriculture or Vertical Farming, this system help farmers to increase efficiencies and productions.


Industrial IoT Controller (Smart IIoT Controller)

Smart IIOT Controller: An industrial IoT controller, which fits for various industries, to connect their old equipment, irrespective of vendors, no need to replace existing machinery, technology will connect and automate. It's a cloud based solution for monitoring vast numbers of assets in real time, including devices, databases, web services, sensors, users and key performance indicators (KPI).

User can access anytime from anywhere.

The smart IIoT controller is built to industry standards based on OPC UA (Unified Architecture), a secure, platform-independent, service-oriented architecture developed by the OPC Foundation, The Interoperability Standard for Industrial Automation.


Smart City / Smart Building System.

  • Environment Control System
  • Energy Monitoring and Control System.
  • Home Appliance Automation.
  • Providing Building Management System.
  • Monitor and Control it from anywhere, any time.
  • Real-Triggers SMS/Emails for any abnormal Conditions about Building functions.
  • Automatic Solar Control System.
  • Fire Detection & Alarm.
  • Advanced Security & Access Control System.
  • Digital Video Surveillance.

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